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Mighty Dragons

At the Triangle's Premier Martial Arts Dojo, we have a fun and effective program for young children.

Our Mighty Dragon program serves kids aged 4–7 from all over the Triangle, from Raleigh and Cary to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro.

In the Mighty Dragons classes, children have fun while gaining confidence, body awareness, and basic self-defense skills. Along the way, these students “learn how to learn” by developing group interaction skills, self-discipline, focus, and respect for others.

Classes are designed with the short attention spans of younger students in mind. Leaping, ducking, rolling, and dodging skills are all taught as methods of avoidance, and they will learn modified versions of adult techniques. We’ve created elaborate obstacle courses and games to best teach these skills in a way that keeps the energy high and the learning exciting. The classes are safe and non-competitive.

We believe in abundance of praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. Our young students are treated with respect, and are taught to return the same respect to others. Mighty Dragons embrace the Student Creed:

"I believe in myself, I am confident, I can accomplish my goals.  I believe in what I study, I am disciplined, I am ready to learn and advance.  I believe in my teachers, I show respect to all who help me progress."  

Children learn about the positive safety effects of confidence and awareness.