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Mini Dragons (Ages 3-5)


Ages: 3-5 years old 

Time: Tuesdays at 2:30pm (All Mini and Mighty Dragons classes are 30 minutes long) 

Our new Mini Dragons class is for our younger age group of Dragons. Children may start Mini Dragons as soon as they turn three. This class meets once per week (for now) and will have an additional belting system for our 3 year old students (Yellow-White, Orange-White, and Purple-White belts). Once the student turns 4, they will earn their Blue-White belt and be able to attend any Mighty Dragons class on our schedule. 

For current Mighty Dragons students who are 4-5 years old, everything will stay the same and this class will count as one of your normal classes. 

In Mini Dragons, we will challenge students through games and activities designed to increase balance, flexibility, mindfulness, and coordination. Students will learn self defense fundamentals, including using your voice, basic escapes, rolls, punches, and kicks, all taught in a safe environment.  An emphasis on discipline, respect, and team work is fundamental in all Quest classes.