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Private Lessons

In addition to teaching our regularly-scheduled classes, our instructors are available for private lessons in any of the disciplines we teach. Whether you’re training in To-Shin Do, or have specific physical-development goals, private lessons are a great way for you to get extra practice with one-on-one attention, make up on missed material or even train and progress regularly if normal class times don’t fit your schedule. The lessons can be tailored to fit specific needs and are great for regular training or for supplementing your weekly to-shin do classes.

Costs for lessons are based on time rather than per person. Each lesson has room for up to four students, so you can bring three friends along to help keep the costs manageable. Check out our pricing page for more information. 

For instructors’ availability and to schedule a private lesson, stop by the front desk or give us a call!

Instructors offering private lessons include:

Hardee “Hakutoshi” Merritt
Bryan “Guntoshi” Evans
Justin "Deitoshi" Panza
Brett Moran
Kelly Cox (fitness)