6118-J Farrington Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517

About Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts

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About Our School

The Chapel Hill Quest Center was the first To-Shin Do school to open in North Carolina, and is conveniently located to serve the Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham area of the North Carolina Triangle.

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Richard S. Stack, M.D., the school is a unique facility designed by award-winning architect Richard Gurlitz to pay homage the finest dojo training halls in Japan. Dr. Stack is a seventh degree black belt and one of few Master Instructors in Ninjutsu. He is also a personal student of both Stephen K. Hayes and Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi, with whom he has trained extensively in the United States and in Japan for over 20 years. Dr. Stack eventually chose to pass the school to his own student, W. Hardee Merritt, and it is now known as Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts.

Mr. Merritt, seventh degree black belt in To-Shin Do and Jiu-Jitsu black belt, began training soon after the school’s opening and became one of its primary instructors shortly after. Since he began training, he has introduced our school to an amazing variety of training opportunities including jiu-jitsu, urban/wilderness survival, security tactics, and combat ground fighting. He also pioneered the school’s hugely-successful after-school enrichment and summer programs. The dojo now offers classes and summer camps to pre-school, elementary and middle schools throughout the Triangle area.

Our school offers a dynamic martial arts experience, specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and To-Shin Do. Located in a welcoming and inclusive environment, we provide comprehensive training in these two distinct disciplines. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focuses on ground-based grappling and submissions, emphasizing technique and leverage over strength. To-Shin Do, on the other hand, is a modern self-defense system that blends traditional martial arts with practical tactics for real-world situations.

Our expert instructors are dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment, where students of all ages and skill levels can grow physically and mentally. Whether you’re looking to improve self-defense skills, increase fitness, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of a martial arts community, our school is the perfect place to embark on your journey. Join us today and discover the art of discipline, respect, and personal growth through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and To-Shin Do.



Dojo Etiquette

Traditional courtesy and respect helps us to be the Triangle’s Premier Martial Arts School!

  • Punctuality is appreciated! Try to arrive in time to change and pull your attendance card before your class (10-15 minutes early). We know that you may be coming to us from Raleigh, Greensboro, or other areas of the Triangle. If you cannot get in before class starts, we understand! Just get ready and come to the back of the mat to complete the bow-in process, or come right into class if that process has started.
  • You can find your attendance card in the box next to the torii gate. Please pull your card from that box and have it with you when you line up for class.
  • For To-Shin Do classes, please wear clean black Gi and a Quest Center T-shirt matching your gi color underneath your jacket during every class. Avoid wearing other colors. You may omit your gi jacket if you are wearing a Quest Center shirt of the appropriate color.
  • For Jiu-Jitsu classes, please wear a clean gi (preferably black but not required) and a shirt or rash guard underneath.
  • For Quest Fit (Kick, Fit, or Defense classes) or private lessons, wear sturdy athletic clothing of any appropriate color or type. We select apparel for the pro-shop that our Instructors find to be good looking, durable, and appropriate for that kind of activity, and we encourage you to try those out!
  • Street shoes should not be worn on the mat. Only clean athletic shoes that do not mark the mat, bare feet, or tabi (traditional Japanese training shoes, available at the Pro-Shop). Use caution if wearing socks, as they tend to slide on the mat. Consider your comfort and safety.
  • Remove rings, watches and jewelry for the safety of your training partners and yourself.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Leave all food and beverage in the waiting area. Do not bring gum, food or drink into the mat space.
  • If you have any questions about what is expected of you in a class, please ask any Instructor, Coach, Trainer, or a senior student!
  • Train safely. Consider your own condition and experience, and train appropriately with your goals in mind. You may always choose not to participate in any class activity. This training is intended for your benefit.
  • Keep safe training limits in mind. Signal “enough” to your partners by tapping on them or on the ground, or by saying “tap.” That signal means to immediately cease the technique to avoid injury.
  • Be responsible for the security of your own valuables while training. Write your name on all training gear articles. Do not leave personal articles or training gear in the Quest Center overnight. If you lose an item, check the lost-and-found box, or at the front desk for small items such as jewelry and phones.



The Student Creed

All students learn the student creed to earn their first belt (white belt).

"I believe in myself, I am confident, I can accomplish my goals.

I believe in what I study, I am disciplined, I am ready to learn and advance.

I believe in my teachers, I show respect to all who help me progress."

Areas We Serve:

  • Chapel Hill
  • Durham
  • Southpoint

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